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First Automatic Sorting of Plastic Film by Polymer

By Jan H. Schut Postconsumer mixed plastic film is at the bottom of the MRF (material recovery facility) waste chain. Both in Europe and the U.S. mixed plastic film, known as “2D 1-7” (two dimensional film, polymers 1 through 7) … Continue reading

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New Possibilities for Automotive Surfaces

By Jan H. Schut Three new materials are being introduced at the SPE’s Automotive TPO Engineered Polyolefins Conference September 30 to October 3, 2012, in Troy, Mich. (speautomotive.com/tpo) that offer intriguing new surface options for thermoformed automotive parts. Two are … Continue reading

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Thermoforming Conference Shows Off Unique Part Designs, Unusual Tooling

By Jan H. Schut The parts competition at the SPE’s recent 19th Annual Thermoforming Conference in Milwaukee in September was especially closely watched by its audience of members and practitioners. They always analyze parts carefully as harbingers of trends and … Continue reading

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